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Welcome to Critical Mass Games, here you will find our exciting ranges of 15mm Sci-Fi Miniatures, Vehicles and Terrain.

News Update: 10th April 2014 - Salute 2014 is fast approaching

A big thanks to everyone who has helped us out and placed a pre-order for Salute, they are all being packed tomorrow and will be good for collection on Saturday. We would just like to give you all notice that due to pre-order demand the new ARC Fleet mecha variants will only be available in limited numbers so please get to the stall early to avoid any disappointment with these.

News Update: 26th March 2014 - Salute 2014 Pre-Orders Page Goes Live

With just over two weeks to go the Salute 2014 Pre-order Page is now live. Critical Mass Games has some exciting new models available at the show this year so please help us bring the right amount by getting in your pre-orders. This year we are offering those of you who choose to pre-order a 10% discount, whilst those pre-orders of 100 or more will qualify for a 15% discount and pre-orders over 150 or more will qualify for a 20% from your pre-order total.

Critical Mass Games Trade Stand will once again be in the same place as last year to the right of the main entrance. We have the usual array of Critical Mass participation games as well as a beta game we will be participation play testing at the show. Space is likely to be tight on this game so drop in early to grab a game.

New releases for the show include a multitude of new models plus a new XL Digitial pattern camo sheet for the MaskFX range which uses a grid pattern twice as large as the regualr 15 and 28mm sheets for rapid coverage of larger models. Most of the images below are pre-production or WIP shots of painted miniatures. For more detailed pictures head over the Critical Mass Games forum workbench

Mercenaries Vanguard Mecha (arms and shoulders included) - 10.00

ARC Fleet Combat Walker Advance "Hydra" Variant - 9.00

ARC Fleet Combat Walker Advance "Furion" Variant - 10.00

ARC Fleet Combat Walker Advance "Valkyrie" Variant - 10.00

Ygs Ygarra "Trooper" Power Armour - 3.50

Ygs Ygarra "Gunner" Power Armour - 3.50

Ygs Ygaden "Gunman" Assault Mecha - 10.00

Ygs Ygaden "Guardsman" Assault Mecha - 10.00

Civilian Transport Pods x 4 - 5.00

Civilian Cars x 4 - 10.00

Civilian Van/Pickups x 3 (random) - 10.00

28mm MaskFX XL Digital Pattern Camo (4mm grid pattern) - 10.00

Don't forget to get your Salute 2014 Pre-orders in early to avoid disappointment on the day.

News Update: 1st Febuary 2014 - Ready for York

It has been a busy few weeks for Critical Mass Games, with the building ranges now discontinued we are now working to fulfil orders and bring to fruition our plans for the rest of 2014. First up the is the Vapnartak, happening tomorrow at York racecourse, check out the York Wargames Society's website for location and opening times details. As with last year we will be located on the upper tier just next to the Tabletop Sale.

News Update: January 12th 2014 - Blackguard and Ravager Mecha hit the online store

We hope everyone had a splendid time over the holidays, the Critical Mass Team have been hard at work sending out orders and the New year is set to see the launch of many exciting products. This months releases are the Blackguard and Ravager Mecha created by the wonderful support of our ZAS Kickstarter Backers last year. The Blackguard Heavy Support mecha is the long range hitter of this duo being armed with twin Plasma Cannons and long range missile packs. The jet pack and thruster equipped Ravager takes things a little more up close and personal being equipped with a Combat claw and Flamer. Both these kits are priced 10.00 each and are also available in platoon deals of three kits for 29.00. Check these out in the online store here

In addition to these mecha we also have 4 online exclusive weapon options available. The Grenade Launcher, Twin Autocannon, Energy Cannon and Railgun are all compatible with both the Blackguard or Ravager kits giving you access to many possible armament combinations. This additional weapon options are priced at 1.50 each.

FREE SHIPPING on orders over 50 extended.

Until further notice all orders over 50 will recieve free world wide shipping.

News Update: December 1st 2013 - Show Update.

The year is drawing to a close and our last show is fast approaching. On December 7th 2013 Critical Mass Games will be at the Recon Show run by the Wakefield and District Wargamers. You can read more on this show here.

Looking ahead to next year the first show Critical Mass Games will be attending Vapnartak 2014. Held on Sunday 2nd February at York Racecourse there is always a fantastic buzz about the first big show of the season. You can get more information regarding this show from the York Wargames Society Website by clickin the image below.

News Update: October 29th 2013 - New Mask FX Painting Guide.

In our lastest video I take you through how Dale has painted the new ZAS Shipping Containers using 28mm Splinter Mask FX

OCTOBER 2013 OFFER - FREE SHIPPING on orders over 50 until October 31st.

Until October 31st all orders over 50 will recieve free world wide shipping.

News Update: October 22nd 2013 - ZAS Miniatures Range Released.

Well the Kickstarter has kept the team quiet but we are pleased to announce the general release of the ZAS Infantry, VTOLS and Objectives, check out this new range of miniatures here.

News Update: September 27th 2013 - MASKFX 3UP Packs and free shipping on orders over 50 until October 31st.

We are pleased to announce that all of the 15mm and 28mm MASKFX designs are now available in a new 3UP pack deals giving a saving 20% on the individual sheet price. Additionally until October 31st all orders over 50 will recieve free world wide shipping.

News Update: March 8th 2013 - MERC BETA RULES DOWNLOADS.

In support of our 15mm ZAS Mercs Kickstarter project we have just posted up the beta pdfs for the customisable army generator for the Critcal Mass rules. Your imagination is now the only limit.

The Colour pdf can be downloaded here.

The Printer Friendly version can be found here.

We would appreciate hearing your ideas on how to improve the rules or any corrections that need to be made. Please head on over to the Critical Mass Forums to post your comments regarding the rules.

News Update: Febuary 24th 2013 - Gruntz Imperator Mecha Price Drop.

We like to work hard to keep things competitive with our miniature pricing though this is sometimes tough with licensed miniatures. We have been working with Robin to bring down the cost of the Gruntz Imperator Mecha so it is now available at the reduced cost of 18.00, down from 20.00. Whats more is that the Imperator Battlegroup is once again available, priced 54.00, giving you 4 Imperator Mecha for the price of 3!

News Update: Febuary 2013 - Kickstarter Special News.

Critical Mass Games is very pleased to announce the launch of it first Kickstarter Campaign. For those of you that don't know Kickstarter is a crowd funding site that allows you to pledge towards a project to help see it fulfilled. We have chosen this platform to help us build on our current range of Mercenary Miniatures, fleshing them out to complete ranges. This Kickstarter is focusing in on the ZAS which currently only exist in MERC pack 13, but with your help we will expand this to include more troops, special weapons, command and heavy weapons. Check out the project by clicking the image below.

News Update: Febuary 2013.

Well a big thanks to everyone who came along to see us at Vapnartak last weekend we had a great time and a great show. Karl and the team from the York club did a fantastic job once again.

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