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Welcome to Critical Mass Games, here you will find our exciting ranges of 15mm Sci-Fi Miniatures, Vehicles and Terrain.

News Update: 28th July 2015 - Ayame Mecha Kickstarter, 4 days left and another Stretch Goal Unlocked.

The large scale Ayame Mecha campaign has with your help continued to go from strength to strength and today we have unlocked yet another stretch goal adding the Comms Array components to the Hunter and Scout Assault Suit Variant Kits. The next stretch goal at 1.4K will target the Mortar backpack add on bring another option for the for the Predator Assault suit variant into play.

News Update: 27th July 2015 - Critical Mass Games to Attend Claymore 2015, Scotland

Critical Mass Games will be attending the Claymore show this weekend in Edinburgh Scotland alongside our show trade partner Figures in Comfort who is carrying our range of Miniatures and MaskFX. The CMG team will be on hand to answer any questions you have about our products and will also be running participation games throughout the day should you have time for a game.

News Update: 21st July 2015 - Ayame Mecha Kickstarter Exclusive MaskFX design announced.

Our latest Kickstarter, the large scale Ayame Mecha campaign has funded thanks to your support and is well on its way to unlocking even more stretch goals. To help support this we have added a Kickstarter Exclusive MaskFX design at the great price of £4.00 for a 10x13cm sheet.

Check out Dales painting guide over on Kickstarter to see how excellent these new design looks on the Large Scale Ayame.

News Update: 11th July 2015 - Large Scale Ayame Mecha Kickstarter already over 200% funded

Wow, what a fantastic response we have had to the Campaign so far, smashing two stretch goals on day one, and hurtling towards the third, thanks to everyone who has pledged so far, with your help the large scale Ayame is now going to happen. The next question is how many variants can we now unlock?

Check out the Ayame Mecha Kickstarter campaign here

News Update: 9th July 2015 - Large Scale Ayame Mecha is back on Kickstarter

The astute followers of our homepage will notice this is the second time round for this Kickstarter Campaign and having re-assessed the project and layout based on our backers comments we are hoping to this time fund the large scale Ayame Mecha Miniature, which not only provides a new monster mecha option for 15mm gamers but also a heavy battlesuit model for larger scale games.

Please check out the campaign preview on Kickstarter here and leave us any feedback.

The Project goes live on the Friday 10th July and all pledges include World Wide Shipping.

News Update: 10th April 2015 - Salute 2015, Saturday 25th April, London Excel

Once again the Critical Mass Games team will be attending Salute this year however things are slightly different. Figures in Comfort are now carrying the Critical Mass Games ranges to all UK shows so you will find us on their stand TJ01.

Figures in Comfort will have our full line up of Infantry Platoons, Vehicles and MaskFX products and both Dale and I will be working on the stand alongside Eriks team and also running participation games of Critical Mass on our newly created terrain board.

If you wish to place a pre-order for Salute 2015 please do so by emailing you requirements to the address below by the 21st April 2015.

SALUTE 2015 Pre-orders

All Pre-orders require pre-payment via paypal and qualify for a 15% discount on normal prices.

News Update: 25th Febuary 2015 - Hammerhead Show, Saturday 28th Feb, Newark Showground 2015

Just a quick reminder that Figures in Comfort will be at the Hammerhead 2015 show this Saturday carrying the full CMG miniatures and MaskFX ranges.

The Show is open 10am till 4pm, more details about the show can be found here.

News Update: 29th January 2015 - Vapnartak Show, Sunday 1st Feb, York 2015

As some of you may have noticed Critical Mass Games is no longer attending trade shows with its own retail booth. As of July 2014 we have now partnered with Figures in Comfort who are exclusive show stockists of all blistered Critical Mass Games Miniatures and MaskFX products. Whilst we will not have our out trade stand at shows we will still be attending to bring you participation games of the Critical Mass rules and give you a glimpse of new and upcoming products first hand.

Vapnartak 2015 is the first major show of the year held at York Racecourse and hosted by the wonderful York Wargames society. You can find out more about the show on the York Wargames Society website here.

The Critical Mass Games team can be found on table 16 running games directly across from Figures in Comfort on trade stand 13. Check out the floor plan pdf for the show for more detail.

News Update: 28th January 2015 - Mask Fx just went Micro!

Critical Mass Games is pleased to annouce two new additions to the MaskFX line up in the form of Micro Digital and Micro Hexagonal Pattern MaskFx, these new smaller masks are perfect for airbrushing camo patterns on miniatures 6-15mm. These two new designs are available individually price £4.50 or in an online exclusive 3 sheet packs priced £10.80. Click the images below for more details.

Micro Mask FX Packs
6-15mm Micro Digital Pattern camouflage Masking Sheet 6-15mm Micro HexDigi Pattern camouflage Masking Sheet 3 x 6-15mm Micro Digital Pattern camouflage Masking Sheets 3 x 6-15mm Micro HexDigi Pattern camouflage Masking Sheets





News Update: 25th December 2014 - Merry Christmas from the Critical Mass Games Team

Critical Mass Games wishes you all a Merry Christmas, and hope you have a wonderful time during the Holidays.

As a little Christmas gift from us, here is a sneaky preview of whats coming to our 15mm range in 2015.

News Update: 19th November 2014 - Critical Mass Games to attend Battleground 2014 show

On Saturday 29th November Critical Mass Games will be attending the Battelground Wargames show in Stockton-on-Tees alongside our show Trade Partners Figures in Comfort. The CMG Team will be on hand with participation games of the Critical Mass rules so please drop by for a game. Check out the Battleground website to find out more about the show.

News Update: 13th October 2014 - Figures in Comfort carrying the Critical Mass Range at Skelp

You will be able to find the full CMG blister range at this years Skelp show in the Figures in Comfort stand at this years Skelp Wargames Show, being held at Reid Hall in Forfar, Scotland. For more information on the show run by the Angus Wargames Club, check out there website here.

News Update: 29th July 2014 - FIC & CMG join forces!

Critical Mass Games is pleased to announce they are now working alongside Figures in Comfort, who will now be our official UK show stockist carrying our full range of blisters, boxsets and rules to over 30 venues each year, as well as stocking the CMG lineup on the Figures In Comfort Online store. Figures in Comfort will be debuting its CMG offering at the Claymore 2014 Show in Scotland this weekend on Saturday 2nd August.

Working alongside the Figures in Comfort team we have taken the opportunity to restructure our blister range to provide customers with a better proposition as well as continuing to support the Critical Mass rules system.

A list of all the products being carried by Figures in Comfort and there pricing can be found here. This list and its pricing will be reflected onto the Critical Mass online store by Sunday the 10th of August replacing our current Blister and Box set line up.

To find out if Figures in Comfort will be attending a show near you please check out there show page here.

Looking forward Critical Mass Games itself will continue to attend shows in support of Figures In Comfort providing you the opportunity to see some beautifully painted miniatures and try out our rules on our unique terrain boards, further details of this to come.

News Update: 8th June 2014 - Gruntz Mecha back in production

After a short period of being out of production for remoulding the Gruntz Mecha is now back in the mix and availabile in the store. Check out the Gruntz Mecha here and don't forget the 4 Mecha Battlegroup deal for the outstanding price of £54.00.

News Update: 18th May 2014 - The Mecha workshop is now online

The Mecha workshop is now online, giving you access to an ever expanding library of parts to customise your ride into battle, cannons, missiles, shields, hammers, swords, upgrade kits, jump jets, its a convertors paradise. Check it out here.

News Update: 18th May 2014 - A Mass of new releases

Over the last couple of weeks we have had been working on a few changes to the webstore in preperation for all the new releases now available. This months releases offer massive variety and includes mecha, objectives and a civilian vehicle range.

To begin with John Bear Ross has taken the already classic ARC Fleet Combat Walker design and reworked the kit into the mightly impressive Combat Walker Advance. In the Hydra variant the walker gains shoulders giving it the ability to carry arm variants found in the new mecha workshop section of the website, whilst the Furyan and the Valkyrie varaints gain jump jets and grav stabilisers.

The Hydra Variant, as standard this kit is equipped with twin auto cannons and a twin gatling chin gun. The Hydra is availabile for £9.00 each or a platoon of 3 for £26.00.

The Furyan Variant, as standard this kit is equipped with twin Energy cannons and a SR Energy chin gun. The Furyan is availabile for £10.00 each or a platoon of 3 for £29.00.

The Valkyrie Variant, as standard this kit is equipped with twin Railguns and a twin gatling chin gun. The Valkyrie is availabile for £10.00 each or a platoon of 3 for £29.00.

Moving to the ZAS mercs range and the new Vanguard Mecha joins the line up providing even more heavy firepower. The Vanguard is availabile for £10.00 each or a platoon of 3 for £29.00.

The new Accessories section contains all of our previously released objectives along with 3 new sets designed to support the Mission Generator rules pack for the Critical Mass rules. In addition to this we have added an exciting cilvilan grav vehicle range which whilst stunning in there own right offer massive conversion potential.

Objective Pack 1 contains 6 objective markers for £6.00, this a perfect for identifying Critical locations on your battlefield or as added detailing to buildings.

Objective Pack 2 contains 5 objective markers for £6.00, and is influenced by Kaamados building design.

Objective Pack 3 contains 3 gun turret objective markers for £6.00. These turrets have the same fitting as those used on the Havoc grav and tracked chassis so can also be used to turn them in IFVs .

CIVVH1 is the first Civilian vehicle pack provides 4 individual grav transport pods for £5.00

CIVVH2 provides 4 Grav Cars for £10.00

CIVVH3 contains 2 Grav Vans and 1 Grav Pickup for £10.00

News Update: January 12th 2014 - Blackguard and Ravager Mecha hit the online store

We hope everyone had a splendid time over the holidays, the Critical Mass Team have been hard at work sending out orders and the New year is set to see the launch of many exciting products. This months releases are the Blackguard and Ravager Mecha created by the wonderful support of our ZAS Kickstarter Backers last year. The Blackguard Heavy Support mecha is the long range hitter of this duo being armed with twin Plasma Cannons and long range missile packs. The jet pack and thruster equipped Ravager takes things a little more up close and personal being equipped with a Combat claw and Flamer. Both these kits are priced £10.00 each and are also available in platoon deals of three kits for £29.00. Check these out in the online store here

In addition to these mecha we also have 4 online exclusive weapon options available. The Grenade Launcher, Twin Autocannon, Energy Cannon and Railgun are all compatible with both the Blackguard or Ravager kits giving you access to many possible armament combinations. This additional weapon options are priced at £1.50 each.

FREE SHIPPING on orders over £50 extended.

Until further notice all orders over £50 will recieve free world wide shipping.

News Update: December 1st 2013 - Show Update.

The year is drawing to a close and our last show is fast approaching. On December 7th 2013 Critical Mass Games will be at the Recon Show run by the Wakefield and District Wargamers. You can read more on this show here.

Looking ahead to next year the first show Critical Mass Games will be attending Vapnartak 2014. Held on Sunday 2nd February at York Racecourse there is always a fantastic buzz about the first big show of the season. You can get more information regarding this show from the York Wargames Society Website by clickin the image below.

News Update: October 29th 2013 - New Mask FX Painting Guide.

In our lastest video I take you through how Dale has painted the new ZAS Shipping Containers using 28mm Splinter Mask FX

OCTOBER 2013 OFFER - FREE SHIPPING on orders over £50 until October 31st.

Until October 31st all orders over £50 will recieve free world wide shipping.

News Update: October 22nd 2013 - ZAS Miniatures Range Released.

Well the Kickstarter has kept the team quiet but we are pleased to announce the general release of the ZAS Infantry, VTOLS and Objectives, check out this new range of miniatures here.

News Update: September 27th 2013 - MASKFX 3UP Packs and free shipping on orders over £50 until October 31st.

We are pleased to announce that all of the 15mm and 28mm MASKFX designs are now available in a new 3UP pack deals giving a saving 20% on the individual sheet price. Additionally until October 31st all orders over £50 will recieve free world wide shipping.

News Update: March 8th 2013 - MERC BETA RULES DOWNLOADS.

In support of our 15mm ZAS Mercs Kickstarter project we have just posted up the beta pdfs for the customisable army generator for the Critcal Mass rules. Your imagination is now the only limit.

The Colour pdf can be downloaded here.

The Printer Friendly version can be found here.

We would appreciate hearing your ideas on how to improve the rules or any corrections that need to be made. Please head on over to the Critical Mass Forums to post your comments regarding the rules.

News Update: Febuary 24th 2013 - Gruntz Imperator Mecha Price Drop.

We like to work hard to keep things competitive with our miniature pricing though this is sometimes tough with licensed miniatures. We have been working with Robin to bring down the cost of the Gruntz Imperator Mecha so it is now available at the reduced cost of £18.00, down from £20.00. Whats more is that the Imperator Battlegroup is once again available, priced £54.00, giving you 4 Imperator Mecha for the price of 3!

News Update: Febuary 2013 - Kickstarter Special News.

Critical Mass Games is very pleased to announce the launch of it first Kickstarter Campaign. For those of you that don't know Kickstarter is a crowd funding site that allows you to pledge towards a project to help see it fulfilled. We have chosen this platform to help us build on our current range of Mercenary Miniatures, fleshing them out to complete ranges. This Kickstarter is focusing in on the ZAS which currently only exist in MERC pack 13, but with your help we will expand this to include more troops, special weapons, command and heavy weapons. Check out the project by clicking the image below.

News Update: Febuary 2013.

Well a big thanks to everyone who came along to see us at Vapnartak last weekend we had a great time and a great show. Karl and the team from the York club did a fantastic job once again.

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