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Critical Mass 2012 UK Open Tournament Pics.

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    Posted: 08 Dec 2012 at 15:06
Firstly my apologies this has not appeared sooner, both Dale and I have been swamped with work since the tournament preparing for the Recon show and packing mail orders. Seems people have started Xmas shopping early this year and there are just not enough hours in the day.

Thankfully we are on top of things now and I have had a moment to contemplate the exciting days events from the 24th November which saw us host the first Critical Mass UK Open Tournament, whilst we had facilities for a larger number of players (16) I think lack of notice on our part meant that only had four players, Shane, JC, Barry and Dale on the day. As Dale is the CMG XO his tourament score would be ignored at the end of the day.

So with that in mind we already are planning a tournament for the end of May/start of June next year.

Dale and I had spent a lot of time pre-paring for this tournament, making sure there would be enough token and template sets, (now available in the rules support downloads here), for all the players to use on the day and take home, this included a set of three objectives for everyone and 4 custom made and painted strong point turrets for each player. The spares we had prepared for a full compliment of players did not go to waste though as I through them down during the games as keep what you kill/capture objectives in the games.

You can see the tokens and templates prepared for the players. Minefields, Monofilament Wire and Tank Traps have all been laminated. Minefield markers have been spray mounted to 40x40 bases and anti-grav generators spray mounted to 50x50 markers.

Every player received a free Critical Mass T-shirt on arrival, with JC and Barry keenly donning theirs straight away.

After a quick brief all the players where issued with a copy of the new mission generator rules to read through. Each player would be allowed 3 asset points each at the start of every game.

In the first round games Dale took on Shane, in "the Protolene Khanate civil war".

Dale’s army featured strongly around Protolene Scouts which packed intense short ranged fire power, backed up with close combat predators.

Shane’s army was more Hunter based, ranged anti-tank troops, backed up by plenty of Ayame Battlesuits including some Predators of his own.

In the other match up Barry with his newly painted Praesentia Army was to take on JC's ARC Fleet.

Barry had a solid mix of everything from the Praesentia list, but self admittedly had never played it before!

JC on the other had was packing plenty of ARC Fleet armour backed up with Recon troop elements on Grav Bikes and Foot as well as some Drop Troops.

As an added incentive in both games a power node objective was placed in the centre of each battlefield. The person holding it at the end of the game would gain and extra Victory Point and get to keep the objective.

Photos from Barry (Praesentia) and JCs (ARC Fleet) Round 1 Game

The Forces Deploy as per the meeting engagement setup

Both sides quickly advance and engage one another. Barry is on a Patrol Mission, JC have choosen Breakthrough.

Barry’s Phase shifters appear in the ARC Fleets back line and there advance is severally disrupted as they turn to engage this emergent threat.

Around the centre objective JCs troops are hammered by the Praesentia Hyperion artillery and the RAL units move in to occupy the ground.

Things where not always going wrong for JC it would seem as he snatched an 11VPs to 10 win.

Photos from Dale (Protolene) and Shane’s (Protolene) Round 1 Game

The Line of Departure set up saw both armies lining up to face each other. Dale had chosen the Take and Hold mission meaning he had three extra objectives on the battlefield. Shane was on the Patrol Mission and had a Strong point supporting his forces. As with Barry and JC there was an additional capture and keep objective in the middle of the board.

Shane’s impressive Protolene army which took the Best Painted award and saw him win 3 Windsor & Newton Series 7 Paint brushes.

Dale had choosen tank traps as one of his assets giving him three templates to place. Two of which he used to block of the outskirts of this Kaamados settlement.

On Shanes right flank his Hunters held there ground and started pounding Dales troops with greater range.

In the centre everyone was on the move with Dales Predator infantry de-busing from there Fenrir Transports onto the centre objective.

This was set to be the most hotly contested part of the battlefield.

Not content with taking the hill the Predator infantry surged into Shane’s army assaulting multiple units at once in an effort to break down Shane’s available actions.

Despite a ridiculous amount of Close Combat carnage the numbers swung in Shanes favour and the Predator infantry where wiped out. Dale however had done enough!

The game ended with a 6VPs to 5 win for Dale, another close game.

Round 1 Standings

Dale 3 Tournament Point
JC 3 Tournament Points
Barry 0 Tournament Points
Shane 0 Tournament Points

We used a swiss system meaning the players with the highest scores would now match up for the second round.

Photos from Shane (Protolene) and Barry’s (Praesentia) Round 2 Game

After deploying the terrain both armies are setup using the Line of Departure method.

With both these players at the both of the pile its time to forget the first round jitters and get your game face on!

For this mission both tables had a set of 4 strong points placed down the centre line across the table. Players had the choice, destroy it for a VP if they got within 4" and keep the Strong point, or activate it (it then became part of that unit as long as they where in 4"), if there oppoent then captured it or took it out in the game, it would be worth the standard strong point VPs to them.

Feeling more aggressive in this game Shane’s forces surge forward on the left flank whilst the Hunters on the right engage at range. At tactic that worked as he wins 6VPs to 5.

Photos from Dales (Protolene) and JCs (ARC Fleet) Round 2 Game

Another Line of Departure setup but this time JCs Recon troops use there extra deployment to try and grab the Turret objectives early.

The Anti-grav generators asset that Dale has acquired stifles JC's vehicles to the point his is afraid to move them forward (blow them up next time JC!)

The game degnerates into a cagey tit of for tat battle with neither player gaining the advantage. It ends in a 4VPs each draw.

Round 2 Standings

Dale 4 Tournament Point
JC 4 Tournament Points
Shane 3 Tournament Points
Barry 0 Tournament Points

Poor Barry is having a rough day, the dice have abandoned him and it seems the mornings software upgrade to the RAL has left him with a lot of heavily armed incompetent potato peelers!

With Dale and JC and Dale and Shane having already played, Dale would face Barry and Shane and JC would battle in out as top table for the final.

With Dale being CMG his was out for the prizes from the start and he decided to let me take over his army for the last game against Barry. I was keen to get in on the action having been watching all day.

Photos from Dale (Protolene) and Barry’s (Praesentia) Round 3 Game

Dale's Protolene Army, the Fenrir where a late change he decided on but did not have time to finish. In this mission I had choosen the Ambush mission, but Barry had pre-empted me with the continued assault deployment. As it turned out this random setup screwed us both over and we only started the battle with two units deployed each, and me needing to wipe units out on the first turn to get extra victory points!!! time to bring the thunder!

My units of Scouts pounce on this unit of RAL lead by and Ancient, getting in shot where they can.

This was followed up by the Predator Assault suits, which lose one of their number wiping out Barry's unit. His Hyperions take out another with a revenge artillery strike.

Nothing is stopping these guy though and they wipe out the Hyperions in assault, but its at this point I remember his reserves could be turning up from anywhere in his back line. The Ayame go back to back to block line of sight to there weak rear armour.

Our remaining forces swarm on to the battlefield.

However Barry I unable to consolidate his forces and they begin to be chewed up piecemeal!

I win 8VPs to 1.

Photos from the top table final round, Shane (Protolene) and JC’s (ARC Fleet) Round 3 Game

Both players deploy and have a discussion regarding the terrain.

JC's ARC Fleet Armour ready to move out.

Shane's Protolene Armour stands ready to mathc the ARC Fleet.

JC weary of the Hunters in Shane army stays at range with his tanks sending in the infantry to clear the way.

Sensing JC is going defensive Shane takes the fight to him and agressively presses forward.

The ARC Fleet huddle in cover taking pot shots at the swarming Protolenes.

But the Protolenes advance towards their objective seems relentless!

And the Tamaska and Marroks providing fire support begin to work over JC's Armour.

Leaving the Predator Assault suits space to get in a mop up, despite taking heavy casulaties themselves.

Shane wins 8VPs to 6.

Round 3 Final Standings

Dale 7 Tournament Point
Shane 6 Tournament Points
JC 4 Tournament Points
Barry 0 Tournament Points

So there we had it, our final tally, and whilst Dale took it on points it was a mute point being the CMG XO, meaning Shane was declare Critical Mass UK Open Champion 2012.

All that remained now was for Dale to present the medals and prizes.

1st Place - Shane Streeting - Shane took a Kaamados Battleforce and Kaamados Great Pyramid as his prizes, he also won best Painted army and took a set of Windsor and Newton paint brushes.

2nd Place - John Craig Moore - JC took an ARC Fleet Battleforce as his second place prize.

3rd Place - Barry "how the hell have I won something when I lost all my games?" Carter - Barry chose a Phase Shifter platoon as his 3rd place prize.

So that was the tournament over, and a fun day was had playing Critical Mass followed by pizza for tea. we played boardgames for some time after the tournament and I finally turned in about 23:30.

Thanks again to the players for coming along and making the day, I look forward to seeing a few more faces at the next one.


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Seems like everyone had a good time.

Hopefully if there's enough warning I'll be able to get there in 2013 (depending on health/work/travel).
Paul G
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was a great day. all my opponents were brilliant to play against and learnt a lot about my force list. I found the mission generator to be a welcome addition to the rules set and played very well adding a lot of flexability to the games played and truely challenging the list that i had come up with. Massive thanks to Craig and Dale for a truely well put together torni.
Cheers Also to Shane and JC for putting up with my " dice are traitors" face I pulled on occasions. Truely valiant Opponents
Pred Assault Suits ROCK!!!!!
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Hah !

How have I missed this thread for so long ?
(Not looking properly, as usual, I suppose !)

Looks as though that was enormous fun.....Thanks for posting Craig.
Cheers - Phil.
It'll never cast !!
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