Betting on Esport Games

Guide for Esport Betting

There are a number of things you have to familiarize yourself with if you wish to get started on esports betting. For starters you must understand the basic concept of betting and know how the esports sites work. Knowing a lot about betting is simply not enough. This is a whole new field in which the rules are not as straightforward. Whether you plan on betting in an online casino or other esports, here are the crucial pieces of information you need.

What you need to get started?

You will definitely need to understand the esports betting basics. In addition to being able to bet using real money you can use other methods of depositing like Bitcon and skins. Skins are in-game items that serve cosmetic purposes and don’t change the game itself. The use of skins in esports betting started in 2013. There are numerous skins trading sites you can use today. You will also need to have a great mobile device or PC as well as reliable Internet to facilitate betting. Many online casinos don’t even require to download anything, you can use them directly from your browser and get the same games and bonuses like others.

Is it legal in USA?

Yes it is legal to engage in esports betting in USA. The United States is actually home to Major League Gaming that features several games and specialties. Although online gambling has many red tapes in the United States more so when it comes to online casino, adhering to the three federal laws makes esports betting in the US legal. You just need to find a legal casino and other sites that feature games that are permitted in the US. However, this isn’t the case with Belgian establishments where you are free to play whatever you desire without any restrictions. The deals are amazing as well.

Where can you bet?

There are so many reputable and safe betting sites you can use to place your bet. Some of the best websites include:

  • (permits Bitcoin betting)
  • (best for legal casino betting)

Types of bets you can place

Choice of esports bets are more restricted than in traditional sports. Most of the bets allow you to bet on the absolute winner of the tournament or the winner in a match. Moneyline and handicap are the two options for betting on a match winner. The different types of bets you can place include:

  • Match winner
  • Match result
  • Map winner or round winner bets
  • Over or under bets
  • First team to bets
  • In play betting
  • Tournament winner bets
  • Total maps played in a match
  • Correct score

Your options in esports betting depend on the betting sites you are using. Some offer more options and better payouts than others. It is up to you to find the best betting sites. If you choose a casino make sure you consider the casino bonus before signing up. The bigger the bonus is the higher your chances of making real money with minimal risk. When choosing an online casino, besides Esport betting, you should also look at what other games are available on the platform, and can they be played for free. We found that, more often than not, people are having a better experience when there are more options for their entertainment both for free play and real money gambling.

How to get better

The best way to get better with esports betting is to learn how to effectively analyze esport bets. You must start by researching the players’ history, spend more time watching esports, learn how the teams have been playing recently and learn how to calculate probability. Knowing the probability percentage before placing a bet on betting sites helps understand the likelihood of your team winning. Playing the games, having a budget and comparing offers will further help you get better.

Things to avoid when betting

Esports betting is in many cases the same as betting on other traditional sports. You must therefore never chase loses or bet with your heart. Just because you support a certain team doesn’t mean it will win. Research the opponents before placing a bet. Other important things you must do include:

  • Staying away from the lesser and unknown teams
  • Keep up-to-date with roster changes
  • Set monthly betting budget
  • Develop a staking plan
  • Don’t bet on any site
  • Take advantage of betting resources like

Best sites for betting on esports games


This is one of the biggest gambling companies in the world. It offers numerous opportunities for esports betting. However, due to regulatory changes Bet365 does not offer signup or promo deposit bonuses.


This one of the best betting sites with dedicated esports section. It offers a 50% signup bonus when you deposit a minimum of $25. You also enjoy 100% Bitcoin deposit bonus.


Although it is not available in all countries, Pinnacle guarantees the best odds. There is no signup bonus, special promo codes or cash-back offers with Pinnacle.


BumBet offers $50 joining bonus and 100% up to $150 first deposit bonus. The site offers numerous deposit option including Bitcoin and Neteller. It is one of the best sites you can use in esports betting.


This is the most recognized names in betting. The bonuses offered are country specific. The platform is great for esports betting. You can also get casino bonus from this platform.

  1. Luxury Casino

Over at, there is a great article on the maximum payouts at Luxury Casino, that can help guide you in your decision of choosing a great betting site.

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