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Video games are a relatively current unique sort of Game. The first devices video games could be discovered in bars in the late ’70s and very early 80’s of the 20th century.

Today, lots of teenagers as well as young people (and not so young) have at residence one or more gaming consoles that permit them to dip into any time, independently or in teams with other people who don’t have to share the same physical area while playing. It is exceptionally usual to play with or against other gamers that are located in various other countries.

  • More League of Legends games to celebrate its 10th anniversary

The development studio of the League of Legends (Riot Games) has surprised public and critics during the live broadcast from London of its unique for the tenth anniversary of its already mythical MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) for PC. The company, far from content with having millions of players a day and almost continuously leading streaming visualization records on platforms like Twitch, diversifies with more games. And all kinds, but always inside the LOL universe.

First ‘Master tactics’, the automatic combat system, will reach mobile phones independently in the first quarter of 2020. “Legends of Runeterra” will also be released, a free online card game that will reach PC and mobile phones over the next year. Riot Games also prepares its landing in 2020 in consoles with ‘ League of Legends: Wild Rift,โ€™ with mechanics very similar to the original LOL but in 5vs5 matches. Also, a shooting game and an animation series are being developed and will be released in 2020.

And, of course, the genuine League of Legends will have novelties like the new champion Senna (already reaching 140 characters), the elemental dragons, and will recover the Ultra Rapid Fire. Riot has also announced rules for players in the week between 17 and 27 October, the actual date of the tenth anniversary of the League of Legends.

  • Learn killing zombies

Zombies are monsters of the cumulative imaginary over which a wide variety of films, TELEVISION series, or video games have been made. These animals awaken an unusual attraction among a considerable section of the populace.

Motion pictures such as World War Z or collection, such as The Walking Dead has had and have excellent global approval, especially among youths, and have broken audience records. Video games like The Homeowner Wickedness collection have numerous fans and also have been successfully adjusted as a flick saga.

If your kind “zombie-killing computer game” on the Google Search Engine home page, higher than a million results appear. Is it feasible to benefit from this temper experienced by youngsters around the globe towards zombies to improve their understanding?

David Hunter, a location professor from Seattle, has shown that it is feasible. A seeker has created a brand-new method of knowing: the ZBL (Zombie-Based Learning or Discovering Based Upon Zombies). Its task has (right now) 354 sponsors that have added more than $ 11,000.

  • “Video games are not the enemy.”

This is something that adults, especially teachers, must understand, assures this Austrian computer engineer, thanks to whose entrepreneurial capacity the open reading LEA project was born. After several experiences with works such as the maid’s tale under the title of life in red, they have now decided to take advantage of the video game as a tool and formula to arouse young people’s interest in reading, something that CallToGame has achieved, the gamified open text of “Ready Player One”.

“Our methodology is a transmedia reading,” in which the reader participates consistently following the clues that are given to him to fulfill the proposed mission: to save human knowledge.

It must be borne in mind that today’s young people not only use their mobile devices to consume but also to generate content continuously, he reflects. “The game is about motivating young people, but now we have to convince teachers.”

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