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As is the case in the world of traditional sports such as football or basketball, the eSports demand enormous dedication if we want to compete in the best divisions.

Such dedication and perseverance as a prerequisite for progress is a maxim that electronic sports inherently share with their precursors, lifelong sports. None of the current superstars of football has reached where it is without going through the lower categories before, nor have the great names of the eSports

As in any other competition, the eSports always start from the bottom. Reaching the top will depend on whether we can prove our worth in confronting other players in games where only the best advance. Of course, we can’t start competing in the League Championship Series (LCS), the league of professionals, but let’s be sensible, who would want to start there?

Before we compete in the most critical leagues-and last in them less than two rounds-we, have to compete in smaller tournaments and leagues, often designed for players who are starting in this professional competition.

What tournaments should participate in?

Finding the right Tournament to take the road to triumph is not easy. The number of tournaments that are held when talking about such popular games as LoL or Call of Duty is incalculable. From semi-professional to local competitions, all have a place when they are supported by the immense popularity enjoyed by games like the MOBA de Riot.

The problem is that the rules imposed by the organizers of such a variety of events are, as one might expect, very disparate. And not only concerning the standards within the games themselves, but also the possible restrictions or conditions to be met to be eligible for a place in the tournament.

How many times have we regretted reading about an exciting competition that turns out to be exclusive to members of a given university? For example, no authority or collective governs the functioning of these tournaments, nor is it logical to think that it is viable or necessary. Riot has launched a project on its official website that brings together the multitude of online tournaments held within the EUW server.

The initiative is promising, but the truth is that today it is somewhat green, and it does not appear that it will leave the beta phase shortly, so we will have to wait to see it become the final meeting point at the European level. Fortunately, there is an entity that has managed to create a unified and consistent tournament network to professionalize the world of electronic sports in Spain.

  • League of video Games Professional (LVP)

The Professional Video Game League (LVP) has, for years, been offering opportunities to both veteran and amateur players who are looking to get into the eSports arena. Through the ArenaGG platform, the LVP allows you to participate in online tournaments-5v5 games, duels, monthly rankings, etc. – just add your registration data and create an account. Prizes vary depending on the game.

For example, finishing in first place in this League of Legends tournament will win us 1600 Riot Points, and the Ryze looks triumphant. Many of you will already know this platform by the constant and well-known competitive events it hosts for games like the League of Legends itself, as well as Call of Duty, Clash Royale, or even FIFA.

The LVP has become the undisputed reference of the country’s electronic sports and aims to be for the eSports something similar to what organizations like the ACB or the LFP represent for basketball and football, respectively. No, it is proposed to go further by combining online accessibility with the excitement and reliability of face-to-face tournaments with audiences thanks to the Orange Cups.

  • Orange Cups

To bring the virtual competition one step closer to professionalism, LVP joins forces with Orange to bring us the Orange Cups. The Orange Cups are competitive events with open enrollment to all types of participants, making them an ideal environment for first-timers in this competition to measure strength with other players and see how far they can go.

League of Legends, Clash Royale, Call of Duty, and Rocket League are the four games that you can participate in, and to sign up; you need to enter this link, select one of the three modes available and follow the instructions on the web.

The tournaments are held both in person-in Orange establishments-and online through ArenaGG. The winners, among other prizes, will receive a direct ranking for the grand finale to be held at the next Gamergy in Madrid, to which they will travel with all expenses paid. The top three positions will be won with a tasty prize that includes-in addition to premium passes for future Gamergy editions-VR glasses (virtual reality), a smartphone, and a variable cash prize depending on your position on the podium.

Also, the amount of gold obtained during the championship-gold is the arena resource used to redeem prizes and participate in draws – will be multiplied by 10. With the mass audience and the context, unbeatable offers a celebration of the size of Gamergy -frequented by the officers and organizers most important in the country-the Orange Cups represent the perfect occasion to put to the test our ability to compete professionally.

Sign up now and fight for the pass to the grand finale, where the best professional players will be waiting for you to play the long-awaited gamer champion title before thousands of spectators.

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