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Since 2015, when a peak of 5090 competitions was reached, there are fewer competitors each year, yet the ordinary number of rewards per contest has enhanced substantially. Thus, if that year each distributed 13 096 dollars usually, in 2019, each of the 3404 that have been commemorated dispersed 44 427.

This information corresponds to a research study executed by JD Sports Spain in which they have assessed the advancement of the digital sports sector throughout the last 20 years, taking into account three primary variables: tournament rewards, number of specialist players, and also a variety of competitors.

Although one of the premises of the research is to address the inquiry of just how much is made in specialist video games and also compare it with traditional sporting activities, it is essential to remember that they have limited their research to event earnings, a far more exact reality than that of salaries, since the latter is not generally public on the planet of digital sporting activities.

Based on this data, JD Sports Spain mentions that “the most vital sporting activities gamers today make more money than professional sports athletes such as golf, badminton, cycling, marathon or martial arts.” To show this, they have drawn up a chart showing the cash prize in numerous events of different games.

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Although the research study goes back to 20 years, when digital sporting activities have grown progressively, the real turning factor was about 2009. This date coincides with the release of one of the crucial games in the market: League of Legends.

Also, over the complying with years’ many other important ones were published, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012) and also Dota 2 (2013). In the case of Counter-Strike, nevertheless, the truth is that their partnership with the sporting activities originates from much additionally back, as previous variations such as 1.6 or Resource broke the ice in the industry.

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Relevant write-up

Taking a look at the chart produced by JD Sports Spain, we can observe that, although they provide some individual differences, the three variables live a remarkable growth at the end of the last years. The advancement has been various, nevertheless, over the previous few years, as tournament payouts have remained to enhance at an excessive speed, the number of gamers has gone stale as well as the number of competitors has decreased.

Evolution of the three variables

Providing much more detailed information, the very first year of the research study (1998) had just nine tournaments, which in total distributed $ 131 700 in rewards. During that time, there were only 34 professional gamers, while ten years later, the number had increased by virtually seventy to reach 2348. The rise was additionally substantial in the other two variables, as in 2008, there were 519 tournaments (almost sixty times extra) as well as $ 7 273 929 were distributed (although the typical per event was slightly lower).

Economic researches grin at Digital Sports

In 2018, the last full year of the research study, the number of tournaments has been 3404, a significant rise over 2008, yet an amount lower than the 2015-2017 period. However, the number of players has multiplied by nine to get to 18 464, and the amount dispersed has increased to 151 229 517.

Overall, in these two decades, around 535, 350 000 dollars have been dispersed in prizes to 54 650 gamers in 26 400 competitors. In 2019, according to the forecasts of JD Sports Espa̱a, the 200 million could be gone across, something that does not appear insane thinking about that Legendary Games announced that Fortnite will undoubtedly have 100 million in the 2018/19 period and just concerning twenty have been dispersed so farРaccording to the information of the research study.

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