ARC Fleet Medium Tank and Scout Vehicle Previews

These seem to have been a long time coming but last night Dale surprised me with a couple of proof castings of the 15mm Medium tank and Scout vehicles.

Firstly, the proof castings are what we use to test any new moulds we have, they allow us to check the vents in the moulds and sort out any issues where air might trap causing bubbles, and identify parts of the models that need changing, particularly where they might catch the moulds causing them to tear.

Proof castings also allows us to have some components in resin before we recieve stocks of metal. In this case the weapons for the Tank and Scout vehicle will all be metal in the final retailed kit.

Yes its a little time consuming but ultimately it means we can deliver a better quality of product, with far less bubbles and deficiencies than most are used to with resin products. The only down side of this is that Dale and I get all the bad castings to fill in and add to our own collections

Ramblings aside today we have a preview of the ARC Fleet Medium Tank and Scout Vehicle. These are both grav vehicles and stack up nicely next to the ARC Fleet Heavy Tank.

The medium tank chassis shown here will also form the basis of the ARC Fleet APC, Missile Carrier and Command Vehicle, so you have a rough indication of size with these pictures.


The Medium Tank will be supplied with 3 Barrels in the same style as the Heavy Tank.

Above left we have a medium tank turret with energy cannon, and right we have the rail gun. All three of the barrels will be metal and each tank will be supplied with a random crew figure, pintle, and hatch.

The lithe scout vehicle will be supplied with 2 metal turrets, the first being the energy cannon

and the second being the quad gauss blasters

and in case any of you are wondering you will be able to fit any spare heavy tank missile pods and AF walker chins guns to have to the top of these (with a little tweaking).

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