Kyushu Bay Part 2

Welcome to Part II of the Kyushu Bay Blog, which will continue to Document our progress with the board build for Salute 2010.

This week Dale was once again sanding plastic card and adding a few finishing touches to the ARC Fleet Buildings, as well as starting a couple of new ones.

As you can see there will be an interesting range of sizes amongst the buildings. The next stage for these buildings will be the final detailing. To do this we are combining the old with the new and John Bear Ross has created a selection of building detail pieces which will adhorn these buildings.

Some of the pieces passed this week include a selection of grills, windows, lights and comms equipment.

Just a few vents and grills.

A selection of windows

A street lamp, a bulk head light, and a bollard lamp

Two communication towers.

More to come next week

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