Protolenes WIP

The Protolene Khanate miniatures will be the second race to be released in November 2009.

The Protolenes operate a mainly Light Infantry based force with Scouts, Predators (close combat specialists) and Hunters (Ranged Specialists).

The artwork shown below gives an outline of the Scouts and Predators.

Following on from the base artwork our sculptor has begun work on the miniautres kits that will be utilised to create the full model line up, which will be 14 variants for each troop type.

Above we have legs sets for both the Scouts and the Predator/Hunters.

The image above shows the other leg sets this time with torsos and heads (helmeted and unhelmeted). Note the gap at the torso which will allow for repositioning and removal of these torsos at a later date for conversion work.

Finally we have the Weapons set for the Protolenes which the sculptor has accuruately carried forward from the concept artwork.