Tamaska & Fenrir

Being released at Salute, the Tamaska and Fenrir walkers for the Protolene Khanates are by far our biggest miniature yet.

Protolene “Tamaska/Fenrir” Heavy Carrier – 1 Variant (PRVH7a – £20.00)

This kit will be released at Salute on April 23rd and will then be on general sale via the website on April 26th.

The kit contains all the components for the construction of 1 Tamaska OR Fenrir model.

The Fenrir is a Heavy Troop Carrier for the Protolene, best suited to carring Predator packs which it can disgorge into the midst of its enemies.

The Tamaska offers much great range over the Fenrir and is unburdened by cargo allowing it to hunt down enemy armour.

The model has ball and socket joints at its hips and feet and its elbows can also be posed giving you lots of opportunity to create movement how you see fit.